Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Tad C.,

Remember that day in first grade when, for reasons I cannot remember, you said you didn't have a television? And then some girl gasped in what can only be described as fear? It was me. It just was, and I didn't even try to hold it back. And while my family likes to joke that our cousins once called me a "t.v. freak" (while visiting their no-caffeine, low-sugar household...I mean really, wouldn't you--even you, Tad--want to drown out your sorrows in The Love Boat?), maybe there was a pinprick of truth there. No television? Are you kidding me? Did you know what you were missing? Did first graders talk about the latest episode of, I don't know, The Waltons? Or, in my case, Masterpiece Theater?

I just wanted to say I'm sorry. And that your parents were probably awesome and creative and you have a killer imagination. Would it help to say that we don't have a t.v. either, and my kids have seen one movie (Ponyo) and pretend, every day, that the baby is Ponyo, and she lives in a green bucket sometimes and eats the ham out of all the sandwiches the rest of the time. They litrally refer to her as "Poners". As in, "Look, Poners is almost walking!" or "Poners spilled her milk in her carseat."

I hope you are well, and your mind is alive with nature and creativity. Mine is alive with totally useless information about shows I can't believe I even watched.


jeanne marie said...

I say hold out, it can only be GOOD. all good. because you are the best 'rents ever. no pedestal, just the truth.

Sarah Old School said...

I love your choice of audience, and that you are living out the parental dream. In our house dad's rule is basketball doesn't count as tv. Jamal has seen a LOT of basketball.

Flower girl said...

O laura, I am so happy you and I are friends. Happy sigh

Mama Hoggett said...

Um, Tad Curry?? :) (Am I going to be blocked for putting last names on here?) Why haven't we talked about Poners (LOVE it, btw) yet?? That's almost as fantastic as Totoro. Note to self, must get Totoro for Sally, Gus, and Vi.